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Sathi Nepali, New Epilepsy Project.

Posted on 19 June 2016

This year Sathi Nepali has teamed up with the Nepalese Epilepsy Association to launch a New Project in West Nepal.  We are very excited to be supporting this project that will be the first of its kind in Nepal. Our new program will work in a remote District of West Nepal where people living with Epilepsy have no access to medicine or medical care or advice. We will have 3 field staff and they will be supported by a team of Doctors from Nepal and throughout the World.

Our team at our First Health Camp in West Nepal. (March 2016)

 Project Objectives:

The main objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive service for people with epilepsy in a district in West Nepal.

* Build knowledge and skills of our health workers in the treatment and management of Epilepsy.

* Improve access to epilepsy service in project district.

* Empower and educate persons with epilepsy and their care givers in self care and management of the condition.

* Raise public awareness and advocate for treatment reducing the associated stigma.

* Monitor and Review Project effectiveness.

 Doctors examining a young girl at our recent Health Camp. (March 2016) 

19 people were found to have Epilepsy, all 19 were unaware they had the condition and had no access to medicine...

Dr Victor Patterson talking to patients at our recent Health Camp. 19 people were found to have Epilepsy, all 19 were unaware they had the condition and had no access to medicine, they will receive our support with free medicine and regular visits from our Health Workers ( March 2016)

Dr Victor Patterson visiting a School in West Nepal along with our field staff.

Our Health Worker, on a home visit to offer support and advice to a young woman who is suffering from Epilepsy.

Our Health Workers at a two day Training workshop. Our Health Workers will receive various training workshops throughout the year. (March 2016)

 Our Health Worker conducting an Epilepsy Awareness Program in a remote village in West Nepal.  There are many myths in Nepal as to why people have Epilepsy and how it can't be treated. We aim to give these communities a better understanding about the causes of Epilepsy and how it can be treated.


 The Village members were delighted with our Epilepsy Awareness Program.

 More news will follow soon. Thank you for all your support, Ian&Gita



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