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Our Story

Belfast-born Ian’s travels in Nepal brought him to first fall in love with a town called Pokhara and introduced him to the love of his life, Gita. Together, they set up a Charity called Sathi Nepali and a funky business called The Yak Shak.

An adventure to Nepal turned into a business back in Belfast...

Ian Brown had been volunteering in a Nepalese city called Pokhara every year since 2004. There he met Gita and together they set up the charity Sathi Nepali (which you can read about here). Ian and Gita married in 2007 and set off on a new adventure together, starting the Yak Shak as a way to bring the beauty of Nepal back to Belfast but also to support their charity work by trading with some of the amazing craft suppliers they had met. 

Nepal is a unique, vibrant place and their crafts are exactly the same. The Yak Shak got a stall in Belfast’s famous St. George’s Market and instantly caught the attention of customers because of the bright colours and quality of the products.

We support wonderful people making stunning handmade crafts...

The Yak Shak is also a regular feature at local events and festivals, and in 2015 they opened their online shop. Over the years Yak Shak have not only built business with their suppliers, they have also built lasting friendships. We visit Nepal twice a year to source the products personally, meet the people making our items and ensure the items are coming from factories who value their staff. All our products are Fair Trade. 

Buying from Yak Shak supports us, the Nepalese economy and the communities we work with through Sathi Nepali.

We would like to thank all the people we have meet at our events, who have been very helpful and supportive in so many ways and got us to where we are today.

Thank you for all the help!
Ian, Gita & the Team. x

The Yak Shak Team

Yak Shak is a commercial business, sourcing handmade products from great suppliers in Nepal. The founders of Yak Shak set up a charity in 2006 called Sathi Nepali to work in remote and disadvantaged areas of West Nepal.

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